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Meditation: Parenting Your Baby Before Birth


As your baby grows and develops during pregnancy, take the opportunity to explore the interconnectedness both spiritual and physical, between you and your baby.  This 24 minute audio file can be immediately downloaded once you checkout.   The audio file will introduce you to the parenting experience of pregnancy.

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Helping to Prevent Stillbirth: A gift for Pregnant friends

Parenting your baby before birth is a fantastic tool to use in helping parents in any pregnancy. It is not only a guided imagery relaxation for moms but provides a mother to understand how their body is nurturing and protecting their unborn baby.  Once you can get your friends to use this resource it is a very rewarding experience and hopefully will help prevent stillbirths learning that “the baby is already here!” Reducing the stress in one’s lives is so important for the prenatal and postpartum period.

“My husband and I are advocates for making time for deep relaxation and really focusing on the baby.  Plus, it’s amazing how active the baby becomes with deep breathing & relaxation – it’s like the little one knows you are paying attention to it and wants to play!  It’s fun because we can both share the time when the baby is active.  This is an excellent resource!”

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